Amaranth Township, Ontario, Canada


Where prosperity, growth & environmental accountability come together


• carbon neutral with the composting and recycling program
• a leader in recycling programs and electonic recycling
• solar and wind energy, recycling plants
• planning ensures enough space between all segments of business and agriculture


• variety of subdivisions with future plans for addition to Waldemar and new subdivision near Humber College (190 lots)
• selection of hobby farms and small rural properties


• community college and 4 schools


• 264.35 km2 with large amount of flat, rich land available for variety of farms to be established and grow far into the future
• not part of the Greenbelt and Niagara Escarpment

Business Opportunites

• land tax rate is lower than other municipalities
• a diverse range of business opportunities both large and small
• wired and wireless high speed internet connectivity

Land Cost

• more economical than many local municipalities
• plenty of commercial/industrial land available for development

Amenities, Health Care And Services

• easy access to full range of health care and emergency services

About our Flag

Township of Amaranth Flag