The Corporation of the Township of East Garafraxa, is a predominately rural community to the west of the Town of Orangeville and within commuting distance of urban centres such as Toronto, Brampton, Guelph, and Kitchener.
How the name "Garafraxa" came to be is unknown, but a number of theories exist.

~ It is derived from an Indian word meaning "panther country"

~ Commemorating an old Irish estate or castle

~ From the beloved Scottish stream, the Garry

~ from the Gaelic "garry fraech" meaning "rough heath"

~ from local botany Saxifrage or Sassafras

~ Old English word gara or gar means either a small triangular piece of land or cloth as in a sail, and the Township could be considered part fracta of the Gore, or Gara

(Township Official Plan)


The Township’s Mission Statement is:
In East Garafraxa our future is built on a commitment to respect our natural heritage, our sense of community and the land while enhancing our opportunities for growth.

This Mission is reflected in the Principles, Objectives and Policies of the Official Plan. No development should be approved that would contradict the Mission Statement.


The following expresses the fundamental principles on which the Official Plan is based.

3.2.1  Cost effective development and land use patterns that stimulate economic growth and protect the resources of the Township will be encouraged.  Settlement areas will be the focus of residential growth.  Residential development will generally be discouraged in the Agricultural area.
3.2.2  The preservation of the quality of life, the quality of the environment and prime agricultural areas is significant in the Township.  Natural features will be enhanced and protected.  Prime agricultural areas will be maintained, protected and enhanced. 

3.2.3 The financial health of the Township and economic opportunities for present and future inhabitants will be guided through growth management policies of the Plan.

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